Quic-Grow Recipe for Success

Ensure Long-Term Success of Your Grass

Do you want to ensure the long-term success of your Quic-Grow lawn/pasture? Carefully read through our suggested schedule of care that can be found at the link below. It includes a time-lined step-by-step process that can guide you through the process.

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Quick and Easy with Quic-Grow

A step-by-step guide to a vibrant, brand new lawn or to revive your existing lawn

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I have poor soil

What now?

Quic-Grow seeds adapt well to most types of soils. If however you have particularly poor soil, especially under trees where soil is often depleted from nutrients, it is recommended that you use organic products. Power Grow, supplied by us, is ideal for lawns, flowers and any other plants – it is 100% organic, does NOT burn plants, and can be introduced at any stage, before or after sowing. It will be mostly beneficial in the needy areas under trees where you want to establish new grass.

Can I use Quic-Grow to

Start a new lawn?

Quic-Grow has a variety of seeds suited to your unique lawn requirements, for brand new lawns, or to sow over any ugly depleted or lifeless lawns.

What is the lifespan of Quic-Grow once the

seeds have germinated?

This depends on how you maintain your lawn. The lawn will continue to spread and regenerate new plants and shoots, as time goes. With sufficient watering, fertilising and care, your lawn will last an estimate 8-15 years.

Will Quic-Grow grow in areas of

Sun and Shade?

Quic-Grow has a variety of seed products – including the Evergreen Sun and Shade (Broad and Fine Texture grasses) are ideal for sun and shade. Our range also includes a selection of Summer grasses which will adequately be effective in sun and in shade.

When can Quic-Grow Seeds be


Quic-Grow seeds range from seeds best sown in the cooler months to the seeds best performing sown in the hotter summer months, so you can sow around the year.

Can I see a Quic-Grow lawn

At a Site?

You are welcome to visit our premises to see our Quic-Grow “test area”.

Once established, how often will I have to

repeat the process of sowing seeds?

Whenever your lawn looks damaged, depleted or patchy. You can also over-seed (in autumn) any summer lawn which becomes dormant, guaranteeing you a lush green lawn for winter.

How easy is it to grow new lawns and

What do I need to do?

A simple to follow 7 step-by-step guideline is available on our web-page, as well as on request, to make this DIY project easy and practical

Can I sow Quic-Grow evergreen seed

In summer?

Our range of grasses include a variety of grasses that can be sown in summer, including the Evergreen Sun & Shade, especially great in shades. Additional water will be required in the summer months to ensure proper germination and successful installation. All evergreen grass seeds prefer being sown in the cooler months, from Autumn, right through winter, to Spring. The Excellent to overseed existing lawns to fill up with a lush lively green.

Why I should I consider seeding instead of

Using instant lawn?

When you install a lawn from seed, you prepare and level the surface from the initial stage creating the ideal surface for a lush even lawn.

Experience has shown that instant lawn takes a dip and even dies a while after installation and may even struggle to adapt the soil conditions in the new environment. It is also more difficult to create a levelled surface.

How much

Water is required?

The seeded soil needs to stay moist for 3 weeks for optimum germination thereafter adjusting watering according to grass needs.