Posted 29 October 2019


As it is now off-season for the Evergreen grasses, new seedlings struggle in sunny areas - we therefore, do not advise installing new lawns with evergreen grass from October to March.

Where can one sow the Quic-Grow Evergreen Sun & Shade during the summer months?

ONLY recommended for shade areas during summer months.

What can be sown in the sun areas?

Kikuyu is a summer grass and loves the sun, but does not grow well in shades.

Our solution for NEW lawns in sun and shade during the summer months is the Quic-Grow Kikuyu + Evergreen Combo. This mix provides enough Kikuyu seed to grow happily in the sun and the Evergreen components in the pack will cover the areas in the shade where Kikuyu does not enjoy growing. The Evergreen components germinate faster giving you a head start, while the Kikuyu comes in slower but will progressively dominate in the sun areas

The Quic-Grow Kikuyu + Evergreen Combo is particularly also recommended for traffic areas and animal traffic, as the different grasses buffer each other and recover faster from traffic damage.

This Quic-Grow Kikuyu + Evergreen Combo sells like hot-cake here in the Gauteng during Oct-March. We were consistently selling out last year, and had very positive feedback from customers. This is also what is used to restore rugby fields and other sports fields where Kikuyu is predominant.

Grass under tree
Grass under tree